How To Reduce Stress (Workplace Stress)

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1. The science of workplace stress

Stress screenings and information on stress reduction and the early warning signs of mental health conditions;. Programs that effectively address stress like mindfulness, relaxation, yoga and tai chi and encourage exercise, emphasizing the value to mental and physical health; and. Web-based and mobile stress management programs offer employers cost-effective options for reducing workplace stress. Workplace stress can significantly impact the bottom line, however can also be managed to improve productivity, employee health and to create a more positive workplace climate and culture.

American Psychological Association Resources for creating a psychologically healthy workplace. Health and Safety Executive UK-based management standards for reducing work-related stress.

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9 Simple Ways to Deal With Stress at Work

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The job demands-resources model: Challenges for future research. SA Journal of Industrial Psychology , 37 2 , Siegrist, J. Effort-reward imbalance at work: Theory, measurement and evidence.

Work Stress: 3 Key Ways to Kibosh It and Get Calm

Mawritz, M. Supervisors' exceedingly difficult goals and abusive supervision: The mediating effects of hindrance stress, anger, and anxiety. Journal of Organizational Behavior , 35 3 , Lamontagne, A.

Mindfulness experts, like author and journalist Dr. Danny Penman , believe that tuning in to a distraction can prevent you from feeling stressed out. This is because being aware of a distraction and observing the effect it has on your body tense muscles, clenched jaw, etc tends to rob it of its power and helps you to relax. Healthy and supportive relationships have been shown to reduce stress, and a study from the University of Wisconsin-Madison shows that chatting to your mum on the phone reduces a key stress hormone and causes oxytocin, a feel-good chemical, to be released.

What are some common causes of work stress?

Stress is bad, right? Well, not necessarily — according to a research study from Yale University, it all depends how you look at it. The researchers presented some experiment subjects with information showing that stress can be beneficial, while others were told that it is debilitating. Those who had been exposed to positive information about stress reported improved psychological symptoms and better work performance.

So not only could adopting a more positive attitude toward stress can help you to deal with it more effectively, it could even transform your stress into something good that enhances your performance, health and personal growth. She covers educational psychology, career development and workplace productivity. Marianne Stenger is a writer with Open Colleges. Leave this field empty if you're human:.

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How To Reduce Stress (Workplace Stress) How To Reduce Stress (Workplace Stress)
How To Reduce Stress (Workplace Stress) How To Reduce Stress (Workplace Stress)
How To Reduce Stress (Workplace Stress) How To Reduce Stress (Workplace Stress)
How To Reduce Stress (Workplace Stress) How To Reduce Stress (Workplace Stress)
How To Reduce Stress (Workplace Stress) How To Reduce Stress (Workplace Stress)
How To Reduce Stress (Workplace Stress) How To Reduce Stress (Workplace Stress)

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