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The Bishop of Orkney , Robert Reid , expressed worry over the lady's lack of French; as Janet was only fluent in Scots , he questioned her ability to communicate to French doctors any potential symptoms of illness seen in Mary.

Mary, Queen of Scots - Family Tree, Reign & Death - Biography

In October , Janet's situation in Scotland was described by Mary of Guise in a letter written to her brother, the Cardinal of Lorraine. There had been talk of marrying Janet off to Henri Cleutin , Guise's military advisor. Although one of Janet's daughters had informed Mary of Guise that her mother did not wish to leave Scotland, Guise knew that Janet had discussed leaving Scotland with the Governor, Regent Arran , and wanted to see Henry II that winter. Guise told the Cardinal to reassure Catherine de' Medici , the queen of France, that Janet would not be leaving Scotland.

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Janet was one of the ladies who kept vigil over the body of Mary of Guise at Edinburgh Castle in June The ladies were not at first given mourning clothes, and Janet quoted in Latin a phrase from the Book of Joel to the English diplomat Thomas Randolph , "Scindite corda vestra, non vestimenta," Rend your heart, not your garments. Henry took part in the St. Bartholomew's Day massacre and was killed in a duel in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Ancestors of Janet Stewart, Lady Fleming James I of Scotland 8.

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James II of Scotland James III of Scotland Arnold, Duke of Gelderland 9. Mary of Guelders Catherine of Cleves 2. James IV of Scotland Dietrich, Count of Oldenburg Christian I of Denmark Helvig of Schauenburg 5.

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Margaret of Denmark John, Margrave of Brandenburg-Kulmbach Dorothea of Brandenburg Barbara of Saxe-Wittenberg 1. Janet Stewart, Lady Fleming Sir John Stewart, Lord of Lorn James Stewart, the Black Knight of Lorn Isabel de Ergadia 6. James Stewart, 1st Earl of Buchan John Beaufort, 1st Earl of Somerset Lady Margaret Holland 3.

Who Was Mary, Queen of Scots?

Lady Isabel Stewart Sir Patrick Ogilvy, Sheriff of Angus Sir Alexander Ogilvie of Auchterhouse Mary stepped in and arranged for Sir Alexander to marry Beaton two months later. There were three children of the marriage, James, Andrew and Robert. James, who inherited from his father as 5th of Boyne married Elizabeth Irvine of Drum. Beaton died in about , when Sir Alexander was at last able to remarry Jean Gordon, who was now the widow of the Earl of Sutherland.

Sir Alexander died before Mary Seton Seaton. This is the only known picture of any of the Four Maries.

Mary, Queen of Scots: what happened to her ladies-in-waiting?

Mary Seton was accompanied to France by a her young brother, James, who tragically died after drinking contaminated water at Ancenis on the Loire, before they reached the French Court at Orleans. Mary Seton was at least six months older than, but was probably the least glamorous of the four Maries, and was a similar height to Mary 5ft.

She never married, but was not without admirers although she seems to have been reluctant to break her vow of chastity. She was a noted hairdresser, a skill which she had learned in France, and Mary was dependent on her to maintain her rapidly thinning hair with wigs and hair pieces. Eventually in , he travelled to France to release Seton from her vow of chastity but tragically died of smallpox as he was returning. Pierre des Dames in Reims.

Mary & James Stuart - Can I trust you?

She lived on there in increasing penury until her death in Although Fleming was the youngest of the Maries, being only marginally older than Mary, she was considered the senior of them because of her her Royal blood. Fleming was accompanied to France by her widowed mother Janet Stewart, who accompanied the Royal party as their governess.

She was extremely vivacious with nubile good looks and soon had an affair with Henry II, and unashamedly announced that she was pregnant. After the death of Marie of Guise in , Janet returned to France so that her son could be brought up with the other Royal children, but her daughter, Mary was about to return to Scotland with her mistress after the death of Francis II. She enjoyed a two year flirtatious courtship with William Maitland of Lethington , and by all accounts had him wound round her little finger.

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Yet they were married in When Edinburgh Castle fell in , Maitland took poison to avoid facing a trial for treason. Mary Fleming soon remarried George Meldrum of Fyvie. In , she fell in love with John Sempill of Beltries, another keen dancer.

Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2 Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2
Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2 Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2
Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2 Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2
Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2 Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2
Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2 Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2
Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2 Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2
Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2 Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2
Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2 Lord in Waiting: Mary Stewart 2

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