Spring, A Short Story

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Lost Spring - Class 12 - Flamingo - Chapter 2 - Part 1 - Detailed Explanation

In these stories, a choir processes its collective grief at the loss of one of its members to cancer; a teenage boy marks himself with the poetry of John Donne; God explains the collapse of the cod fishery; Mata Hari stands trial; and two sisters try to reconcile their respective places in the family porn emporium business before everything blows up. These ten strikingly original stories explore love and escape—how we escape to love, escape through love, and escape ourselves and hold on to love.

This is a collection worth waiting for, and worth thinking about.

Her stories are rife with the disasters of homelessness, domestic violence, and child abuse, as she exposes the difficulties that arise in relationships between brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, and parents and children. Hobsbawn-Smith's keen observation and the unflinching eye which she directs towards her characters' flaws bring the land and its inhabitants into painful focus as they grapple with loss.

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These stories are strongly informed by local colour. Horses' hooves echo from coulee walls, blue jays, crows, and eagles announce the seasons, and coyotes wail from distant valleys as Hobsbawn-Smith travels with her protagonists across rolling prairies, unforgiving mountain ranges, and along coastal highways.

Spring Stories, Short Stories for Kids about Spring

Why we're taking notice: Hobsbawn-Smith does it all—her award-winning poetry, essays, fiction, and journalism have appeared in Canadian, American, and international literary journals, books, newspapers, magazines, and anthologies. What Can't Be Undone promises a similarly compelling sense of place. A man travels to Italy to escape the memory of love lost, and a marriage ended. A teenage thief prowls the roof of the tourist hotel at night; an embassy is bombed; holy statues come alive to roam in a gang stealing used restaurant grease.

He suffers the acute loneliness of one who has abandoned and been abandoned, and in this exquisite suffering, he finds how beautiful this life can be.

Libraries Short Stories spring contest asks writers to consider 'The Other Side'

In vivid, sensuous prose, Jarman's stories circle and overlap in surprising, weird, and wonderful ways. Tangents turn out to be crucial, allusions are powerful.

With this collection, Heather O'Neill showcases her diversity and skill as a writer and draws us in with each page. Readers are enthusiastically awaiting her short fiction debut. Taking an off-kilter approach to revealing the intricacies of modern relationships—relationships that can be at times funny, sensual, or tense—it's about the lies that men tell themselves and others to keep their dreams and identities afloat. We loved his story, "Man Room," in The New Quarterly , and can't wait to read what else he has on offer in this new book.

Her characteristic "gossipy voice" is present in many of the stories, but as well there is reverence, wit and wisdom, along with satire, humour and even farce. Like her earlier stories, Jamaica is the setting but the range of characters presented are universally recognisable as people in crisis or on the cusp of transformation. While most of the stories operate within a realist mode, Senior in this collection is also exploiting traditional motifs, so we have collected here revenge stories "The Goodness of my Heart" , a bargain with the Devil "Boxed-in" , a Cinderella story "The Country Cousin" , a magical realist interpretation of African spiritual beliefs "Flying" and a narrator's belated acceptance of the healing power of traditional beliefs "The Pain Tree".

Senior's trademark children awakening to self-awareness and to the hypocracy of adults are here too, from the heartbreaking "Moonlight" and "Silent" to the girls in "Lollipop" and "A Father Like That" who learn to confront loneliness and vulnerability with attitude.

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  5. There are cheating husbands. There are private clubs, crowded restaurants, psychiatric wards.

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    Every character has a secret of some kind. Why we're taking notice : Smith is well known for his cultural criticism and his novels, but fans of his short fiction are looking forward to his first collection since Young Men in The pyromaniac at the heart of the title story—winner of the Gloria Vanderbilt Short Fiction Prize—desperately uses fire to reconnect with lost lovers and family members. In "Vertigo," an injured Olympic athlete becomes a research guinea pig in a surreal scientific experiment.

    Winners and finalists will be announced to the public by August 31, Submission Guidelines: Please read our Submission Guidelines for manuscript formatting and other information. Other Submission Categories: In addition to our contest, please review our other Submission Categories for areas that may interest you. Spring Story Contest The submission period is now closed. You can find active submission categories on the Submit Your Work page. View the recent awards won by Narrative authors. As always, we are looking for works with a strong narrative drive, with characters we can respond to, and with effects of language, situation, and insight that are intense and total.

    We look for works that have the ambition of enlarging our view of ourselves and the world.

    Spring, A Short Story Spring, A Short Story
    Spring, A Short Story Spring, A Short Story
    Spring, A Short Story Spring, A Short Story
    Spring, A Short Story Spring, A Short Story
    Spring, A Short Story Spring, A Short Story
    Spring, A Short Story Spring, A Short Story
    Spring, A Short Story Spring, A Short Story

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