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A delivery vendor at the tavern refers to Edgar's death from a "gun accident" when talking to Millie, who offers a pat, hollow reply that suggests the three women are complicit in Edgar's murder. Pinky and Millie walk to Willie's rustic house behind the tavern, where the three prepare dinner together under Millie's supervision. Director Robert Altman conceived of the idea for 3 Women while his wife was being treated in a hospital, and he was afraid that she would die.

Upon waking up, he wanted to make the film, although the dream had not provided him with a complete storyline. Altman consulted author Patricia Resnick to develop a treatment, drawing up 50 pages, initially with no intent to write a full screenplay. Altman secured approval from 20th Century Fox, which supported the project on the basis of the success of his film MASH. For Willie's paintings, the filmmakers employed artist Bodhi Wind , whose real name was Charles Kuklis.

In one scene, Duvall's character's skirt gets caught in a car door. This initially happened accidentally in one take , after which assistant director Tommy Thompson called for a cut. However, Altman stated he "loved" the accident, and shot more takes repeating it. Altman has said the film is about "empty vessels in an empty landscape".

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Gabbard and Krin Gabbard believed 3 Women could best be understood through psychoanalysis and the study of dreams. In theory, a person dreaming can shift from one character into another within the dream. The three titular characters in the film represent the psyche of one person. Author David Greven agreed psychoanalysis could be used, but saw the relationship between Millie and Pinky as one of mother and daughter, respectively, with Willie at the end of the film being the "grandmotherly figure" who defends Pinky from Millie's scornful mothering.

Greven wrote the film also demonstrated a focus on strong female characters. Writer Frank Caso identified themes of the film as including obsession, schizophrenia and personality disorder , and linked the film to Altman's earlier films That Cold Day in the Park and Images , declaring them a trilogy.


Caso states critics have argued the dreamer in the film is Willie, since she says she had a dream at the end of the film, and Pinky had the "dream within a dream". The setting is also a key feature in the film, with Joe McElhaney arguing the California landscapes "come to represent something much larger than a 'mere' location". The film opened in New York City in April On home video, the film never had a VHS release, and Altman said the film negative was beginning to deteriorate until it was repaired and remastered.

The film received generally positive reviews from critics.


Altman has ever given us," giving credit to Duvall as well. I didn't find enough threads of sanity to keep me interested in the film's final sequences. Ebert added 3 Women to his Great Movies list in , calling it "Robert Altman's masterpiece" and stating Duvall's expressions are "a study in unease".

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Three Women disambiguation. Theatrical release poster.

Rose John Cromwell as Mr. Rose Sierra Pecheur as Ms.

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Bunweil Craig Richard Nelson as Dr. Los Angeles Times. The Criterion Collection. Retrieved 21 November Retrieved 19 November The New York Times. Retrieved 22 November Slant Magazine. New York. Texas Monthly. Part IV, p. Chicago Tribune. Sort order.

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Aug 06, Roxane rated it it was ok. What even is this book? Broadly, it follows the desires and sex lives of three women but Ten years of following these women went into this book but the author seems more concerned with transcription than any sort of thoughtful analysis. There is nothing wrong with that but it is such What even is this book? There is nothing wrong with that but it is such a narrow sample. I kept expecting more than transcription and so when I got to the end and there was no there there I was quite angry. View all 80 comments. Bridgett I quit reading it after a couple of chapters.

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But the truth is that I felt bo I quit reading it after a couple of chapters. But the truth is that I felt bored. Sunny This was chosen by a woman in my book club. I am very unhappy that I spent an Audible Credit on this book. Shelves: feminism , nonfiction , botm , It wasn't regular, what you did, and now here I am. Look at me. I put this war paint on, but underneath I'm scarred and scared and horny and tired and love you. I can understand why many readers were disappointed with this book.

Luckily for me, it was recommended to me the right way: by a friend who painted it as a juicy and compelling portrait of three women's sex lives. Not as some amazing non-fiction project that contains the secrets of female desire.

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If you came for the latter, I think disap It wasn't regular, what you did, and now here I am. If you came for the latter, I think disappointment awaits. Three Women is delicious and gossipy. It has its heartbreaking moments, too, but it is mostly a book full of scandalous thrills that narrates far more than it analyzes.

So many of my friends read this expecting Taddeo's eight years of research to culminate in something more eye-opening, more diverse and representative of women as a whole. Nothing more. It worked well for me, honestly. I knew what I was getting. It reads like a novelization of these women's experiences - in fact, I suspect some parts were embellished for better reading - but I found it very entertaining. The book follows - you guessed it - three women and their sex lives.

Maggie had a relationship with her married teacher in high school and still bears the scars, Lina is having a passionate affair behind her emotionally-detached husband's back, and Sloane has sex with lots of different people because her husband likes to watch. Judge me all you want, but I couldn't look away! One criticism I read was of how this wasn't a very feminist book because all the women's sex lives were influenced or controlled by men.

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  8. This is true to some extent, and yet Taddeo didn't seem to portray any of the women's stories as necessarily positive or healthy. Through the women's experiences, Taddeo touches upon how gender inequality punishes women for their desire, whether it is a young girl being taken advantage of by an adult man or a married woman feeling trapped in a passionless relationship.

    It is, of course, very limited in its scope, and I find it frustrating that someone saw fit to market this book as some kind of desire manifesto for American women, especially when it's sample - as the title outright admits - is ridiculously tiny. The book itself is very engaging, the three women's stores are interesting, but how anyone could read this and imagine it is representative of most American women, never mind all, is beyond my comprehension. If you like novels, genre fiction, scandals and being nosy, I recommend it. If you are in search of an in-depth study of desire, I would look elsewhere.

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    Three Women Three Women
    Three Women Three Women
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