Werewolf Fear (Morgan the Monster Slayer Series Book 3)

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For readers who: like detailed worldbuilding in supernatural romance books. What more could a girl want? In the first installment of the Black Jewels trilogy, the Dark Kingdom is waiting with bated breath for exactly that: a Witch Queen is about to be born, and she is predicted to become even more powerful than the High Lord of Hell himself. In other words, hella powerful. But youth and power can be a dangerous mix, as the kingdom soon discovers to its detriment.

Now, three sworn enemies are battling it out to be the one who controls the Witch Queen — and therefore the world itself. For readers who: like heated literary debates! This is a paranormal romance book that has split readers down the middle: some love it and some really do not. In a dangerous world where the supernatural dominate the ordinary, no creature is safe.

Dead Witch Walking follows bounty hunter and witch Rachel Morgan, whose job it is to try and keep a lid on the chaos. For readers who: like paranormal romance with a cast that includes diverse range of supernatural creatures. Miranda Ellis has what many people desire: exceptionally powerful abilities.

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But behind both the literal and figurative mask, he wears hides a secret only Miranda can find out. For readers who: are a fan of the Gothic scene. Anita Blake has an average life in St. She makes a living re-animating the departed-too-soon and killing the undead who get a little too out of control. One such force of chaos, for instance, is master vampire Jean-Claude. Anita has been tasked with bringing him down when a series of vicious slayings begin occurring all over the city. For readers who: want a series that starts out fairly tame but then develops into erotica along the way.

Because of this, she has devoted her life to hunting the bloodthirsty creates down.

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When human Gabrielle Maxwell witnesses a vampiric murder outside a nightclub, Breed warrior a vampire who must protect both his kind and humans Lucan Thorne has no choice but to introduce Gabrielle to the dark underworld he lives in. But, as Lucan and Gabrielle soon find out, love has a way of upending even the best-laid plans. Honoria Todd is doing her best to hide from the Blue Blood aristocracy currently ruling London with an iron fist.

In the midst of all the corruption, the generally-avoided Whitechapel district is perhaps the only safe place left for Honoria. Yet seeking refuge in Whitechapel leads Honoria straight to Blade, a cockney vampire with a killer reputation literally.

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For readers who: think steampunk and paranormal romance are best when they go hand-in-hand. When Rain Tairen — King of the Fey world — lost the woman he loved, he was driven so mad with grief that he destroyed the Fae world and retreated into the Fading Lands. But now, a thousand years later, the world he had left behind so long ago is under threat, and Rain cannot let dark powers take it over.

Will he be able to bring life back to the Fae kingdom — and his heart? This life of chaotic routine is thrown off-balance when her guardian is murdered, bringing Kate to the center stage of a long-time power struggle between two magic factions. And though each side has a secretive reason when they urge her to find the killer, Kate is willing to play both sides to get what she wants.

For readers who: are a fan of urban fantasy — this novel takes place in lively Atlanta.

When shapeshifter Mercy Thompson was exiled by the werewolves who raised her for having a forbidden love affair, she decided to start over by opening a mechanic shop in Washington State. When a struggling teenager — who also happens to be a brand-new werewolf — shows up at her shop, Mercy knows she has to help him. Her powers are too strong, though, and have led her to live in chosen confinement. Stefano Ferraro is the definition of a playboy.

Stefano has always believed this was an ability unique to his family, but Francesca Cappello, the newcomer in Chicago, is about to put that theory to the test. The first installment of the Psy-Changeling series introduces readers to the world of the Psy, where emotion and passion are absolutely forbidden. And so the series begins with Lucas Hunter, a changeling who is hunting the Psy who attacked his packmate.

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The only way for him to infiltrate the Psy world is through Sacha, a Psy struggling to fight her own desires. For readers who: think that paranormal romance meets The Matrix sounds like their jam. While Merit previously spent her days pouring over textbooks to write her thesis, she now spends her time learning how to be a vampire, and trying to fit in with her new undead peers at Hyde Park mansion. For readers who: want a vampire series they can sink their teeth into pun absolutely intended.

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In response, Queen Victoria sends the gorgeous but unpredictable werewolf Lord Maccon to investigate. Will she be able to clear her name? But when she accidentally kisses the Prince instead of murdering him, she flees the scene in a hurry. Instead of a glass slipper, she accidentally leaves her dagger behind. Prince Marius is a pretty understanding vampire. For readers who: always thought Cinderella could really be kicked up a notch with a subplot involving attempted murder.

Iris is a daytime concierge at the Half-Moon Hollow — which basically means she runs daytime errands for vampires. This all changes when she finds her latest client Cal poisoned and offers to let him hide out at her place for a while. She can still keep up her boundaries, Iris tells herself. She is, of course, very wrong. For readers who: enjoy a good dose of humor injected into their paranormal romance reads. And Ashlyn and Maddox can both confirm this. Ashlyn has just arrived in Budapest to meet with the Lords of the Underworld: a group of supernatural men who claim they can help her put an end to the voices that torment her.

But can they resist the passion beginning to burn between them — and if so, for how long? The Fury family is legendary for its powerful magic. Can Persephone ever take her destiny into her own hands — and independently decide whether her powers are a curse or gift? Lexi Merrill is a pragmatic bartender who gets by on her logical and critical nature.

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Thus, when Eryx Shantos comes into the bar one day and seems too good to be true, Lexi believes he must be, and vows not to give him a second look. For readers who: enjoy alternate world fantasy. The last ten books in this list have all been published in the last 12 months. In the outskirts of Aspen Creek lie a couple of werewolves emotionally broken from a devastating past. One day while on patrol, werewolves Charles and Anne interrupt the abduction of one of the exiled wolves.

Unfortunately, they arrive too late to prevent violence. And so begins their quest to track down the attackers and put an end to the legacy of dark witch magic that has brought the pack pain and devastation for far too long. And what do they want?

Civilization is crumbling. Nola lives in safety, watching as the world burns. Those left to die have found their own savior, drugs that transform them into creatures of darkness. As humanity hangs in the balance, Nola will fight for the one who holds her heart, and risk unleashing the apocalypse.

Steer clear of your old crush. So long Ronnie Smith, invisible tomboy, and hello Veronica, popular new hottie. Only problem? Unintended Target by D. Photojournalist Chloe McConnaughey is hunted by a murderous conspiracy after her computer-hacking brother makes her the only link to stolen information the killers are desperate to recover. Her only ally in this chase across the Caribbean is a mysterious new friend who is as dangerous as he is charming.

Is he her savior or part of their plan? Kindle Is this book no longer free?

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He keeps finding ways to see me, touch me. Kindle Other Books in the series. With the hanging of a serial killer, Detective Patrick Moses is suddenly without a case. Before Moses can relax, he is approached by an aging retail mogul who asks him to investigate the mysterious shooting of his son. And the creepy real estate guy is only the beginning of the problems. Everyone seems unhappy.

And who killed the guy to protect the village? Chelsea, Teeny and Miss May team up to find the killer.

Werewolf Fear (Morgan the Monster Slayer Series Book 3) Werewolf Fear (Morgan the Monster Slayer Series Book 3)
Werewolf Fear (Morgan the Monster Slayer Series Book 3) Werewolf Fear (Morgan the Monster Slayer Series Book 3)
Werewolf Fear (Morgan the Monster Slayer Series Book 3) Werewolf Fear (Morgan the Monster Slayer Series Book 3)
Werewolf Fear (Morgan the Monster Slayer Series Book 3) Werewolf Fear (Morgan the Monster Slayer Series Book 3)
Werewolf Fear (Morgan the Monster Slayer Series Book 3) Werewolf Fear (Morgan the Monster Slayer Series Book 3)
Werewolf Fear (Morgan the Monster Slayer Series Book 3) Werewolf Fear (Morgan the Monster Slayer Series Book 3)
Werewolf Fear (Morgan the Monster Slayer Series Book 3) Werewolf Fear (Morgan the Monster Slayer Series Book 3)
Werewolf Fear (Morgan the Monster Slayer Series Book 3) Werewolf Fear (Morgan the Monster Slayer Series Book 3)

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