When the Night Bird Calls The Saga of Caleb Quinn

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Details abound and even solid sniper techniques! This is the kind of book anyone can enjoy-- but I think it belongs in schools. It's edgy enough to interest anyone and it will stimulate a desire to read in young people. It will also stimulate an appreciation of history. Great book 5 stars. Set in the realm of Irish persecution by the English in the mid s, author Bruce Coryell skillfully weaves a tale of gun fighting, adventure and romance in his first novel, part of a series of two.

Liam O'Connell is a young, twenty-something Irishman who is caught up in a decades long family feud with an English nobleman which changes his life forever and takes on a new identity in an escape to America. When his father is brutally murdered, Liam and his brother are hell bent at seeking a confrontation with his killer- an action which, although successful, also brings the life of his brother to a violent end.

Having now killed his adversary, wanted for murder and focused on survival, Liam travels to Belfast to seek the help of Joshua Webster, a lifelong friend of his father. Webster, a local printer and shopkeeper, befriends the young Irishman, tends to his wounds and buys him passage on a ship bound for Baltimore. Liam boards with a cleverly forged passport bearing his new identity - and the name of Caleb Quinn. His adventures in crossing the ocean and landing in Baltimore are vividly described in word pictures, reminiscent of a movie rather than paperback. Upon arrival in America, Caleb is met by Uriah, one of Webster's contacts and is befriended by Phillip, his freed slave.

This eclectic group of new friends take him under their wings and tutor him in knife fighting, sharp shooting and hand to hand combat.

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He learns how to juggle, excels in acrobatics, falls in love, and most importantly, learns how to steel his mind in the face of danger. As the Civil War breaks out, the local communities are too distracted for the circus to sell enough tickets to the shows and it is dissolved by it's owner for economic reasons.

Coryell is careful to put the young Irishman into the proper context for the great conflict, as he builds his reputation as a deadly sniper, drawing on his disciplined circus training to spot and eliminate the Confederates before he is spotted by them. The level of detail and drama which is integrated into the story as Caleb moves from battle to battle are nothing short of captivating, as confrontation and death continue to permeate this remarkable story.

Yet Caleb's strength is his resolve and his unwavering confidence in his abilities as a sniper, which brings him to the attention of Gen. William T. Sherman to take out a rebel sharpshooter which they nicknamed "the Ghost". Following the war, his adventures continue to Texas, where an unforeseen enemy and a questionable alliance with two local men put his considerable fighting skills and his charming demeanor to the ultimate test. This short novel flows well and is surprisingly upbeat and fun, considering how much the darkness and violence of human nature are interwoven in the story.

It's one in which you want to root for the good guy, even if he is a fugitive Irishman who is wanted for murder and was forced by circumstance to change his name to Caleb Quinn. By James P. One person found this helpful. This author has a true talent to draw the reader into a story. I throughly enjoyed this saga and am looking forward to sequels. Kudos to Bruce Coryell!!

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Well done! This is a book for hardcore fans of military history. The book includes day-by-day accounts of the battle as well as maps and diagrams drawn in three dimensions. These books deserve their own category because they seem to have one eye constantly trained on events to come.


By drawing on an impressive range of interviews and archival materials, they use history to discern more general patterns in human behavior and to ask how those patterns might recur. This collection of articles is dedicated to the significant roles Russian-born computer scientists play in politics, technology, and migration around the globe. Its contributors conducted more than three hundred interviews with programmers living inside and outside Russia. This book offers readers and international political players a glimpse of the behavioral patterns that accompany many human-induced catastrophes.

Though this book concentrates on present-day inventors and utopians who are exploring the limits of death in Russia, it also draws on centuries-old histories of Russian and Soviet experiments with immortality. Bernstein aims to bridge academic and popular audiences with a gripping writing style.

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These books all have ties to Russian cultural traditions, but there is no other criterion that would bring them all together. Three of them are detective stories about woodland animals written by a star of contemporary Russian literature.

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  • 1. “The Vanishing of Will Byers”.

Another is a vivid, folklore-inspired graphic novel. Others depict coming-of-age stories and grapple the challenges of immigration.

Though intended for younger readers, many of these books have a lot to offer grown-ups, too. Anna Starobinets is by all accounts a remarkable writer: her thrillers and everyday horror stories, written for children and adults alike, have earned her a prominent position in the mainstream of Russian literary fiction and more than 30, Facebook followers. This detective series for elementary-aged readers has matched her existing popularity in Russian.

It follows the Holmesian pair of Chief Badger and his young assistant Badgercat as they attempt to keep the peace in the Far Woods. Three books in the series are scheduled to be published this year with detailed illustrations. Book one can be found here. Aimed at readers aged 10 and up, this series tells the story of a merchant and his son who find themselves entangled in a world of nature spirits.

The first book in the series, The King of Birds , can be found here. This fantasy novel for young adults features an innovative premise: every woman in the Russian-American Chernyavsky family has a vision of her own death at the moment she comes of age. Podos, a Lambda Award winner for her previous YA writing, is an author worth following. Anya grows up in Russia, where gossip about her left-handedness leads her to imagine a secret society of left-handed artists like herself. This picture book for beginning readers presents a view on immigration that will resonate with some but that others might find overly optimistic.

Regardless, its illustrations look like they have been painted on wood carved in bas relief, and its storyline will get readers thinking about how society treats those who do not match its expectations.

When The Night Bird Calls: The Saga of Caleb Quinn

This young adult novel explores her personal growth as the creative Jewish girl navigates a romance with a potentially anti-Semitic boy while her mother dreams of emigration. Their authors are chin-deep in the history of science, theater, war, and more, and that research produces a range of unexpected plots.

In this category, women fly apparent suicide missions into Nazi territory and survive, struggle to build their careers as war endangers their loved ones, and shed new light on events from the medieval to the modern. This debut novel has a fascinating plot. Miri and Vanya Abramov are raised by their matchmaker grandmother in a small Jewish community.

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As war breaks out in , both are torn between escaping with their lives and trying to survive in a homeland where they both might make scientific history. However, when Vanya goes missing and Miri decides to look for him, both their safety and their scientific discoveries are at risk. With impressive early endorsements and comparisons to hits like All the Light We Cannot See, this is a novel to watch and to read. The women who flew Soviet biplanes in extremely risky missions against the Nazis are already a historic legend, but this graphic novel approaches that history from a new angle.

Second, it explores the complications of standing or flying between the Nazis and the threat of Soviet repressions, complicating a narrative that tends to be purely patriotic. The final installment in the Winternight Trilogy, which began with The Bear and the Nightingale , follows its gifted heroine Vasilisa in her final effort to save Moscow from the magical forces that threaten it.

Heavily inspired by Russian folklore, this series also relies on extensive research into the everyday lives of medieval Slavs. The bestselling author of Lilac Girls , which centered on the very real World War II-era philanthropist Caroline Ferriday, returns with a prequel set a generation earlier.

In it, Eliza Ferriday and her friend Sofya, a Romanov cousin, struggle through war and revolution. This latest book from a bestselling author of historical fiction features three central characters: a Soviet Night Witch who barely survived World War II, a war correspondent-turned-Nazi hunter, and a year-old budding photographer living in postwar Boston.

When the Night Bird Calls The Saga of Caleb Quinn When the Night Bird Calls The Saga of Caleb Quinn
When the Night Bird Calls The Saga of Caleb Quinn When the Night Bird Calls The Saga of Caleb Quinn
When the Night Bird Calls The Saga of Caleb Quinn When the Night Bird Calls The Saga of Caleb Quinn
When the Night Bird Calls The Saga of Caleb Quinn When the Night Bird Calls The Saga of Caleb Quinn
When the Night Bird Calls The Saga of Caleb Quinn When the Night Bird Calls The Saga of Caleb Quinn
When the Night Bird Calls The Saga of Caleb Quinn When the Night Bird Calls The Saga of Caleb Quinn

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