You Dont Have to Live With It! The Science of SottoPelle

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Though every woman is different, many women experience a number of the symptoms on this list:. Focusing on treating your symptoms of menopause as well as preventing long term consequences of poor management of menopause requires an individualized approach through diagnostic evaluations. We then help women achieve symptom relief and optimum health outcomes. Our goal is to enhance your enjoyment of life now and for many years to come. For many years I have struggled to balance the controversies regarding hormonal therapy with the significant and life disrupting symptoms suffered by women with hormonal imbalance.

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Severe hot flashes decreased sex drive, lack of energy and just feeling out of place are not symptoms conducive to a happy and healthy life. Many other areas of life are negatively impacted by this. Furthermore the underlying health concerns from hormonal imbalance are just as significant. Finally I have found a therapy option that I feel to be safe and extremely effective to help women suffering from hormonal issues.

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SottoPelle Therapy is an all-natural bio-identical hormone replacement therapy that specializes in the use of subcutaneous testosterone and estradiol pellets. This method was first used in in England and Australia.

Bioidentical hormones: Are they safer? - Mayo Clinic

The use of biologically identical, non-synthetic testosterone and estradiol is safe, and the use of pellets provides an effective delivery method. The pellet delivery method allows for the continual release of the hormone — the key to improving brain and muscle function. These methods include pills, patches, injectables, and creams.

Literature shows that the use of pellets and all natural testosterone carries less risk compared to synthetic testosterone. This results in achieving physiologic hormonal balance - something research has shown is absolutely vital to good health and well-being. Of all hormonal replacement modalities, only pellet therapy can provide this balance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. At Minnesota Women's Care we believe in providing the best care based on each woman's unique needs.

We believe in finding solutions for conditions that diminish the quality of your life - solutions that are consistent with each woman's needs and her desired approach to treatment. Only she, with the counsel of her physician, can do that. Do her potential benefits outweigh her potential risks? Only after examining and understanding her own situation and after a thorough consultation with her physician can a woman make the best treatment choice. What types of Hormone Replacement Therapy are available?

All the above are bio-identical hormone products not be confused with synthetic hormones who differ in structure from our own hormones.

Hormone Replacement Therapy with SottoPelle & Gino Tutera MD

The most commonly used synthetic non bio-identical hormones are:. Premarin a mix of multiple different type of equine estrogens extracted from pregnant mares urine Cenestin a combination of 9 synthetic estrogens derived from plants or. These medications do not have FDA approval because individually mixed recipes have not been tested to prove that the active ingredients are absorbed appropriately, or provide predictable levels in blood and tissue.

There is no clear scientific evidence that salivary testing is superior over blood testing, plus it is very costly and not covered by insurance; at HERA Health Care we normally reserve salivary testing for adrenal hormones. Sottopelle therapy consists in injecting pellets of bio identical estradiol and testosterone into the upper hip area, a simple procedure that is done under local anesthesia and takes 5 minutes.

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  8. The advantages of pellet therapy as opposed to other methods are:. For more information about sottopelle therapy please go to: www. The decision to use a certain type of hormone depends on patient preference, risks and benefits profile, goals, fears and misconceptions, and last but not least cost. Cernaianu uses only bio-identical hormones. Is Dr. Mirela Cernaianu trained and knowledgeable in bio identical hormone replacement therapy or HRT? Cernaianu specializes in bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. She completed extensive training in the science of balancing hormones, including thyroid and adrenal support, by graduating from the Fellowship in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, and becoming a Sottopelle trained physician.

    Cernaianu is Board Certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology. At HERA Health Care we perform thorough examinations, we order routine and specialized lab testing prior to creating personalized treatment plans, we encourage our patients to ask questions and we empower them to become educated before making any decision.

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    A Review of Testosterone Pellets in the Treatment of Hypogonadism

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    You Dont Have to Live With It! The Science of SottoPelle
    You Dont Have to Live With It! The Science of SottoPelle
    You Dont Have to Live With It! The Science of SottoPelle
    You Dont Have to Live With It! The Science of SottoPelle
    You Dont Have to Live With It! The Science of SottoPelle
    You Dont Have to Live With It! The Science of SottoPelle
    You Dont Have to Live With It! The Science of SottoPelle
    You Dont Have to Live With It! The Science of SottoPelle

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